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About Us

Kizomba Nation LA series of classes are designed with the Social Dancer in mind.

Kizomba Nation LA offers classes such as Salsa LA Style, Salsa Cuban Style ( Also known As Casino Rueda), Bachata, Cha-cha-cha, Zouk (Original or Martinique Zouk), & Kizomba. Merengue & Zouk are more for Warmups.

At KIZOMBA NATION LA, we teach both Group Lessons & Private Lessons in most Latin Dances danced at most Night Clubs.

our Clients

We have clients from all everywhere in the world and all backgrounds



Simply the best Kizomba Instructor in LA

Perfect for teaching you fundamentals all the way through advanced

After trying  number of teachers this is finally the one I found

Such a pleasure to learn here

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