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At NOHOSALSA & KIZOMBA NATION LA, we teach both Group Lessons & Private Lessons in most Latin Dances danced at most Night Clubs.

Nohosalsa’s series of classes are designed with the Social Dancer in mind. Nohosalsa offers classes such as Salsa LA Style, Salsa Cuban Style ( Also known As Casino Rueda), Bachata, Cha-cha-cha, Zouk (Original or Martinique Zouk), & Kizomba. Merengue & Zouk are more for Warmups

Generally, Social Dancers don’t think much about the different types of partner dancing out there.  And then again why should they?  People have other things to worry about.

 However, social dancing does include a variety of dances that one should pay attention to if one is to go out social dancing.  Of course, this is as time progresses. Before we dig into all of the dances it is worth mentioning that not all instructors are alike.

Nohosalsa’s classes are designed to help the average Beginner learn the Fundamentals and quickly gain confidence to step on any dance floor. The classes are also designed to help the Intermediate & Advanced Dancers get better at leading or at following. The class structure will help Social Dancers experience most of our offered dances.

Whether the Social Dancer decides to focus only on one dance, or handle them all, the dances still need to be learned and general knowledge can go a long way in helping to make an informed decision.

Do you want to be super classy and elegant on the dance floor? If so you are looking for Salsa, Cha-cha-cha & Merengue. Or do you want to look romantic or sensual or passionate while dancing? If yes, then you are in for some Bachata, Smooth Zouk, & KIZOMBA. But regardless of your choice, we hope you have an enjoyable dancing experience with us.

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